Startup Struggles: The Chicken And Egg Problem

Startup Struggles: The Chicken And Egg Problem

As Joey mentioned back last week we have been working on LBO for the better part of a year, and I am so happy and proud of the progress we have been able to make thus far. Going from a mere concept, to where we are now, has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done with my life so far.

But that said it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. We, like all startups have our struggles, and the one I want to talk about today is our own version of the “Chicken and the Egg” problem.

As a site we want to deliver to you all the best games the industry has to offer, but unlike some other code sellers, we aren’t willing to go through shady back channels to get our codes. Joey and I made a promise to each other early on that this was and always will be a site that rewards content creators for their hard work.

But that means we are largely at the mercy of these content creators to supply our users with awesome, high quality, in-demand products.

So far we have been hugely lucky to be able to work with some of the best companies in the industry, and we are so thrilled to be working with the likes of Curve Digital, Rising Star Games, and PQube to name a few. But we also know that in order to reach a wide range of consumers, we need to provide you with a wide range of products. Unfortunately, the first question we are typically asked is “So, how many users do you have?” Most of the big guys in the games industry are looking for an answer in the seven figures before they’ll take you seriously, and while I firmly believe we’ll get there one day, that just is not where we are right now.

Which brings us to the chicken and egg problem, we need a wide range of content to get a wide range of users, but we need a wide range of users to get that wide range of content.

In many ways, LBO is facing the same problem that console manufacturers face when they launch a new console generation, but without the massive capital to pay for development costs.

That said fear not loyal user, because we at LBO are working hard everyday to add new creators and games to the site everyday to continue to provide you with awesome games, at awesome crowd-priced prices! We also have a few new schemes in the works to encourage even more folks to list their titles on LBO so be on the look out!

We get a lot of emails from people saying they want to help us out, and wondering what the best way to do that is. Its pretty simple, tell your friends about LBO, and write to your favorite creators and tell them about what we’re doing! You helping us get the word out is the best way to ensure we continue to grow! And if you’re an indie dev who wants to try a new way to sell you games, shoot us an email at

Thanks again for reading, and Happy Offering!