Developer Spotlight: The Gentlebros

Developer Spotlight: The Gentlebros

Hey LBOers,

Welcome to our newest segment Developer Spotlight where we sit down with some of the awesome people behind the awesome games on LBO! Our guest today is Cat Quest developer The Gentlebros!

LBO: Thanks so much for sitting down with us today Gentlebros! First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your studio! Tell us your story.

Gentlebros: We all met in Koei Tecmo, where we worked on stuff like Dynasty Warriors, Nioh, Dead or Alive and Fatal Frame. We all sat near each other, and were like ‘Hey, do you want to make a game?’.

One thing led to another, next thing we realised we were getting published by friggin’ Kongregate! So we left our jobs, and set up our own company and have been making our own games every since!

LBO: Many people don’t know this, but Cat Quest actually started out as a dancing game right? Can you tell us a little bit more about that process? 

Gentlebros: Yes, Cat Quest actually started out as something called Copycat. It was a dancing game where you had to copy other people’s moves. We realised we lacked musical knowledge and couldn’t design something like that. So we pivoted and kept trying new stuff.

We knew it had to be about cats(cos we love cats!), and as we prototyped more, we grew closer and closer to the final product you see now. Part of us knew we would make an RPG at the end, because its just part of our DNA as a company. And, hey, an RPG about cats sounds pretty pawsome doesn’t it?

LBO: Pawsitively! On that note Why cats? What was the initial spark of inspiration there?

Gentlebros: Can we just say we love cats? XD No, but seriously, we wanted a theme that people loved, and wasn’t very common in RPGs yet. There’s tons of RPGs about humans, elves, dwarves etc, but not really that many about cats. We knew that it would really feel fresh, and if we took the subject matter seriously, we could create a really interesting world! Oh, and we’d be able to do all those lovely puns!

LBO: The puns are fantastic. Was there ever a point in the process where you guys felt like just giving up on the game all together? If so, what kept you going?

Gentlebros: Not so much giving up, but there were many points where we asked ourselves just how were we going to finish this! Crafting an RPG from scratch(no pun intended), is no easy feat. There’s the whole world you need to create, the story, the characters, and we were just three people. Fortunately, things seemed to work out, and we realized that as long as you keep progressing and keep putting one foot forward, you’re going to get there eventually and there’s no point fretting over things!

LBO: The world today can seem pretty cynical at times, but Cat Quest seems to come from this really pure, and genuine place. Were you ever worried the tone of Cat Quest might not work in 2017? And if so, what kind of discussions did you guys have internally about it?

Gentlebros: Quite the opposite actually. There’s been this really long period of really dark and brooding games. So much death, so much suffering. Also not to mention that our world now isn’t really in the best of times.
We wanted to make a game that went against all that. Just put all the joy we have as people, so we could share that with the world. Make a game that is fun to play, and just put a smile on people’s faces. 

LBO: In terms of gameplay, what were some of the titles that influenced Cat Quest

Gentlebros: Open world games like Skyrim and Witcher influenced the open world aspects. Final Fantasy inspired the story and overworld, and Zelda inspired the way we designed the exploration. Ultimately, we didn’t really look to any of these games and said ‘hey we want to copy that.’ It was more like what we felt would work really well in the kind of game we wanted to make, and pulled from all these other great games to help realize that vision.

LBO: Finally two questions we always like to ask on Developer Spotlight, what are you playing now, and what is your favorite game of all time?

Gentlebros: Right now, we’re playing Mario Odyssey! In fact, I’m playing that as I’m typing out these answers! Gotta get all those moons, right? But seriously, its such a well designed game and is a testament to the brilliance of Nintendo. There’s just so much we can learn from the games Nintendo makes, and I really hope they never go away.

My favorite game of all time? Oh, how dare you do this to me. This is the toughest question ever! Metal Gear Solid is what got me into making games in the first place, so I owe that game so much. But Witcher 3 really showed me a game could feel like a friend. And recently, BOTW blew my mind in terms of what an open world game could be. 

LBO: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Gentlebros: Please buy Cat Quest everyone! It’s really pawsome! XD

LBO: Well you heard them guys! Cat Quest is available right meow on LBO! Make an offer and support independent devs like The Gentlebros! Have a great day, and Happy Offering!