Developer Spotlight: Digital Crafter

Developer Spotlight: Digital Crafter

Hey LBOers,

Welcome to our newest segment Developer Spotlight where we sit down with some of the awesome people behind the awesome games on LBO! Our guest today is Fight of Gods developer Digital Crafter!

LBO: Thanks so much for sitting down with us today Digital Crafter. First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your studio! Tell us your story!

DC: I’d imagine I’m pretty much just many other indie developers: I played a lot of games from childhood on wards, and always had that “I wish I could create my own game someday” idea in the back of my head. That eventually led to me getting into the games industry and then starting my own studio.

Digital Crafter started as an online club: a small group of friends making random games and having fun together. I pretty much posted on all the relevant social networks, and asked if people wanted to team up with me to start our great development journey. After a while, and a lot of time and investment, it become my full-time job and I began to establish a development team. We now have seven people in our team.

LBO: Wow that is incredible, congratulations! Now, I’ll be honest, when your publisher Pqube reached out to us about putting Fight of Gods on LBO my initial thought was, “That can’t seriously be what this game is about…” But sure enough I watched the trailer and, yes, you guys made a game where various Gods fight each other. What was the inspiration for this title?

DC:  Well, the fighting genre have always been a favorite of mine. When we officially started Digital Crafter, we randomly made few small games and put them on mobile platforms. With lack of experience on almost EVERYTHING, it just didn’t work out well. So I stepped back and asked myself what kind of game I truly wanted to make, and the answer was clear.

We thought about various themes. I always liked the All-Star battle ideas, or cross-IP games: it’s really exciting to see a dream match between characters from different places. On the other hand, as an eastern background game developer, I always wanted to introduce our cultures to people who aren’t that familiar with them. Therefore, we thought by introducing gods from all over the globe we could reach both of our big goals.

LBO:    The game is very clearly tongue in cheek, but I assume you had to know there would be some backlash. Still, did you expect it to be this serious?

DC: No, I didn’t expect it to be this serious. We thought about the reaction a lot before we started, and conducted research around the idea of multiple religious figures coming together in other media: cartoons, manga and movies. I knew some people would dislike it, but I hoped that most people could see and understand that our goal was to handle the idea humorously but carefully, without any intention to offend.  

LBO: What were your initial reactions when you heard the game was going to be banned in Malaysia and Thailand? Were you surprised?

DC: I was very surprised, and even a touch frightened if I’m honest. 

LBO: I totally understand that, I think most of our readers would feel the same way. If you could have the opportunity to sit down with the government official who was responsible for making the decision to ban your title, what would you say to them? Would you try to convince them to reconsider?

DC: We respect the decision they’ve made, and fully accept it. We have – and I hope this is clear to anybody who plays the game – no intention to offend any party in any way. Of course I’m disappointed there are many people from those areas who want to play our game and can’t, but we understand the decision.
Obviously Fight Of Gods has no strong visual violence – no blood or broken bones – and the story is about these characters competing in a sports-like tournament, rather than for any reasons of animosity. The true intention behind the game is to be inclusive, not to push people away.

LBO: Watching your trailer I got a very South Park vibe. What were some of your comedic influences growing up and later in making this game?

DC: I did watch a lot of comedies and cartoons. I was influenced by a lot of Japanese anime and manga, and to a lesser extend some American comedies too. I knew of South Park, yes, but also Japanese manga that focused on Jesus and Buddha’s daily life. It’s hard to say which of them, if any, influenced me the most. 

LBO: Finally two questions we always like to ask on Developer Spotlight, what are you playing now, and what is your favorite game of all time?

DC: Now that I’m a developer I have less time to play games! That being said, I’ve been playing many of the recent fighting games: KOF14, Street Fighter V, TEKKEN 7, and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Fight Of Gods is still my favorite, though. 😊

Other than that, I’m a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, and Samurai Showdown 3 is my favorite fighter.

LBO: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

DC: Thanks for interviewing me and hope you guys enjoy Fight of Gods!

LBO: Thank you Digital Crafter! Fight of Gods is available now on LBO, so why not support Digital Crafter and make an offering to this heavenly title! 🙂 Happy Offering!