Developer Spotlight: Rogue Games

Developer Spotlight: Rogue Games

Hey LBOers,

Welcome to our newest segment Developer Spotlight where we sit down with some of the awesome people behind the awesome games on LBO! Our guest today is the mobile game developer Rogue Games!

LBO: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your studio! Tell us your story!

Rogue: I’m Miles Boylan, one of the Designers here at Rogue Games. Rogue Games is essentially a new publishing division of Bournemouth-based game studio Amuzo. Where Amuzo are more known for developing games for companies such as LEGO and Playmobil, Rogue Games instead treads a different path, looking to make our own games with our own IP independently. FLO is our first venture down this road. 

LBO: That is awesome, congratulations! Now, we usually don’t feature mobile games on Developer Spotlight because don’t sell them here at LBO, but when we saw the aesthetic of FLO we were totally drawn to it and had to know more. Where did FLO’s unique color palette and setting come from?

Rogue: Playing the prototype of FLO, the game was only ever using 2 contrasting colors at one time, and the challenge we faced was keeping this level of simplicty whilst still enforcing a style that stood out and appealed to all players. At times the game would be engulfed in black and white tones and we needed to find a way of making this visually interesting. Through using a combination of overlays, vignettes, particles and background clouding, we developed a style which felt close to that of a retro photo filter. Applying this over the right vibrant colours provided us with something quite visually striking. Throughout the game, we strived to use as little text as possible whilst ensuring that all iconography was light, clean and modern. We applied this style throughout the game right down to the HUD microstats where we managed to condense 3 levels of information in to one clean UI reticle.

LBO: All the hard work shows, but it is not just about the visuals, the music also seems to be a big part of FLO. Where did the music come from, and why did you choose it?

Rogue: We managed to wrangle UK Hardcore act Fracus & Darwin to do three exclusive tracks for us to use in FLO. We felt that their style of music accurately reflects both the calm and the intensity that FLO progresses through as the player proceeds through their endless run. We feel they did a brilliant job nailing that.

LBO: They really did, I love how the music starts to bleed out the closer the wall of death gets too. However I have to say my favorite thing is the actual wall shattering when you break a friend’s record. How did you guys come up with that?

Rogue: You typically see hi score lanes used in other games that you just pass or run over and beyond that, there’s no other interactivity with it. We thought that having something that you physically smash through would really add to that satisfying feeling you get after finally managing to beat the score of a friend that’s been besting you. It never ends old.

LBO: The app store can be a pretty crowded place. How are you guys promoting the title to get it in front of as many people as possible?

Rogue: We’ve been working together with the organizers of the Light Up Poole Digital Light Art Festival and got it so we will be projecting a 20ft screen of FLO against the Lighthouse building in Poole. This will be right in the heart of the town itself, where we will also be running competitions each day to see who can get the highest score. With any luck, this will really help drive exposure for FLO and get people hunting us own in the app stores!

LBO: What a neat idea! Be sure to send us pictures! So is there a plot behind the dot? If you had to make up a story, where is the dot going and why?

Rogue: Not really. We did consider having it be a “thing” at some point but couldn’t settle on anything. If I had to make something up, I guess you could say the ball is some or of particle trying to escape a black hole of sorts.

LBO: Finally two questions we always like to ask on Developer Spotlight, what are you playing now, and what is your favorite game of all time?

Rogue: I can’t wait to get stuck into some Monster Hunter World which just released. I’ve been a huge fan of the series for years now so getting back into hunting couldn’t come soon enough. I’ve also just bought Dragon Ball Fighter Z which a few of us have been playing here. Favorite game of all time is a tough one; it’s a toss up between Dwarf Fortress, Vagrant Story or League of Legends probably. I’m sure it changes on a daily basis though.

LBO: Nice those are some unique picks for favorite game of all time, but I like it! Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Rogue: We’re hoping to get FLO out for the 15th of February and it’ll be free to grab off the App Store or Google Play. We just hope that everyone enjoys the game as much as we do 🙂

LBO: Nice, we will be sure to check it out! Best of luck with the launch, and thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us here at LBO!