Developer Spotlight: LRD Games

Developer Spotlight: LRD Games

Hello LBO Fans! 

Welcome to another edition of Developer Spotlight! Today we are sitting down with LRD Games, creators of Deep Sixed, we hope you enjoy! 

1. First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your studio! Tell us your story!


We’re actually all teachers!  Everyone on the Little Red Dog Games payroll is or was an educator in some way shape of form, teaching everything from elementary school to university.  We’re an international team with five years of commercial game experience creating fun and challenging gameplay that breaks convention by subverting tropes and expectations.  Our games are very challenging, but are filled with dark humour and little winks-and-nods to our fans. Rogue State (2015) is a high-stakes geopolitical thriller based on contemporary issues that throws a despotic bantam rooster into the mix to keep you on your toes.  Deep Sixed (2018) is a game where you use real-world chemistry to construct obscure chemical compounds, but also has you connect a monster-brain to a computer with some cables and duct-tape. Our next two games in development will be geopolitically themed, so I guess it’s safe to say our company is starting to establish a niche.


2. The first thing that really caught my eye about Deep Sixed, is the colorful yet erie style. Its like mix of Borderlands and the 90’s CD-Rom games I used to play as a kid. Can you tell us about some of your artistic influences?


Every single one of our games tries to feel stylistically different, whether it’s the Jean Giraud inspired surrealistic cutscenes of Rogue State or the overstimulating bright hues of Deep Sixed.  Our artists usually start by asking what a person would normally expect, and then going in a completely different direction. We really felt the bright cel-shading of Borderlands was the direction we wanted to go in, particularly as it helped bridge the gap between the 2D and 3D elements of the game.


3. I was also reminded of the Star Wars universe, I have to imagine the Millennium Falcon has its own quirks and places held together by duct tape. What were some of your Sci- Fi influences growing up?


I couldn’t do anything normal, so naturally, growing up, I was really into Dune.  You’ll find all kinds of little influences in Deep Sixed though. More than a few passing references to Star Trek, Blade Runner, 2001, all of it.  That being said, in all honesty, the biggest influence on this game has to be the episode “33” in the newer Battlestar Galactica series. Warp into a place, stay there for 33 minutes surviving wave after wave of hostilities as your ship gets torn to shreds and then warp out without any reprieve in sight. This is the exact feeling we want to accomplish with every mission of Deep Sixed.


4. The premise of Deep Sixed revolves around the main character being forced into working deadly jobs to pay off their debts. Pretty grim stuff. How did you try to keep the game feeling fun and not depressing/frustrating?


The game is really built on the relationship between the player and the AI.  We decided to push the narrative out in front, and we found it affected players more than they are expecting from a science fiction game. And hey, there’s a happy ending!  (Assuming you survive to see it.)


5. One of the aspects I love about the game is learning all your ship’s tricks and secrets. It really makes it feel like it is your ship, only you know it’s tricks. Did you set out to make a survival game about the ship, or is that something the game became?


We know from the very beginning that while other games might have you play the role of the stalwart space-captain righting the injustices of the universe, Deep Sixed is a love-letter to the Scotty’s, Geordi’s and O’Brien’s who are out there with just a space-wrench and a roll of duct tape trying to keep the radiation scrubber from falling apart.


6. Finally two questions we always like to ask on Developer Spotlight, what are you playing now, and what is your favorite game of all time?

I’m going through my Steam backlog these days.  I just finished Subnautica and felt deeply satisfied with the whole experience.  Now I’m going back and attempting to beat Darkest Dungeon because clearly I hate myself.


7. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

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Awesome, well thanks so much LRD Games! We hope everything goes well! And if folks want to support LRD Games or pick up on LBO, you can name your price right here on LBO!

Happy Offering!