LBO Housekeeping / Karma!

LBO Housekeeping / Karma!

Hey LBO Friends,

You may have noticed the account page looks a little different! That is because we are revamping our reward program to something we think is a little more unique, and better represents the spirit of what we are trying to do at LBO!

Before, we rewarded you with experience and levels for each purchase you made on LBO. We got to thinking about it, and we want to reward folks for doing more than just buying things on LBO, we also want to reward you for helping us find a fair price for the games we love.  By making offers on LBO, and spreading the word to friends, you help us do that, and we want to reward you for it! We also want to reward users who give us an honest opinion on what they think games are worth, which means rewarding users for making fair offers, not just $.01.

So here is how the system works:

Actions that give you Good Karma

  • Making a Fair Offer: Fair offers help us  figure out what games are worth. Fair is defined as offers at least in the ball park with what others are offering.
  • Inviting Friends: The more folks we have on the site, the easier it is for us to get new creators on board!
  • Buying Stuff: Tried-and-true! Helps us keep the lights on and our tummies full!

Actions that give you Bad Karma 

  • Low-Balls: Offering $0.01 for a game doesn’t help us figure out what a game is worth, and raises prices for everyone else. Not cool.

We will be implementing some cool features in the next couple of weeks that will allow users to spend their accrued Karma, as well as see how they rank compared to other users in the form of leaderboards. We might even be giving away prizes to those with the most Karma, so keep an eye out! ;^)

For those who already accrued experience,  we have given you some bonus Karma to start!

Finally, we have implemented a username system on LBO! If you haven’t created a username yet, be sure to do so if you’d like to participate future competitive events like the leaderboards!