Welcome to The Hunt!

Welcome to The Hunt!

Hey LBO Friends!

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new Karma system! We have had an fantastic couple weeks here at LBO, and we want to thank you all continuing to, check in, make offers, buy games, and (Tell your friends)! We also have a slew of new games on the site and will be adding more in the coming days so keep an eye out for those!

Today we are excited to announce The Hunt, LBO’s leaderboard and reward system! Here’s how it works:

  • Click The Hunt link in the nav and you will see a list of the top 10 LBO users who have accrued the most Karma this month.
  • Each one of them is eligible to win a free game of their choosing, with the percentage next to their name being the odds they will win The Hunt for this month!
  • At the end of the month we will choose one winner, that user will get a free game of their choosing and the title of Deal Master for the month!

If you’re not in the top 10, you are not eligible for The Hunt, so get to work!

Remember you don’t have to buy games to earn Karma, just making offers, and referring friends is enough!

Also as a pro-tip, referring friends is going to become VERY IMPORTANT in the next few weeks. You’re going to want to get to your friends before anyone else does! 😉

Cheers everyone and best of luck in The Hunt!