How To (Always) Get A Deal On Indie Games

How To (Always) Get A Deal On Indie Games

How To (Always) Get A Deal On Indie Games

Welcome to Last Best Offer (LBO), the only site that allows gamers and game makers to haggle for the price of indie games! This means no more waiting for the next sale, and no more paying full price! Just great deals on great indie games.

How Does It Work?

Come to the site, find the game you want, and tell us the price you are willing to pay. LBO will then send your offered amount to the game’s publisher for their approval. If the publisher accepts your offer, you pay that price and get your game! If the publisher rejects your offer, they’ll have one chance to counter to try to entice you to buy!

Once the publisher has countered you are both locked into the counter price for 24 hours. After all the name of the site is Last Best Offer, you get one change to make a deal, and the publisher gets one chance to make a sale. After that, its done.

Always a Fair Price!

We have recently added a new feature to the site, the Last Best Offer Fair Price this represents the amount you can expect to pay on Last Best Offer, based on the other offers the Publisher has accepted. You may be asked to pay slightly more, or be able to negotiate for less, but that all depends on your haggling skills!

Which Games Can I Haggle For?

All of them. We’ve got great titles from Headup, tinyBuild, Pqube, Curve Digital and more! And you can haggle on any of them 24/7/365. With Last Best Offer, you never have to wait for the games you want today to go on sale, you can haggle your price whenever you want!

Tips & Tricks

Alright so you’ve decided you want to give Last Best Offer a try, you’ve found the game you want, what now? Much like a stock market, on Last Best Offer the price of indie games is constantly fluctuating based on what the user-base thinks games are worth. The publisher’s decision to accept or reject your offer is based on a wide range of factors, but one of the strongest is the price that other users have offered/paid for the same title. If everyone else is paying $5, the publisher is probably not going to sell you the game for $1.

With that in mind one major tip we can give you is don’t offer $.01! 

Think about buying car, imagine going to the dealership and trying to haggle down the price of a car. The dealer says “OK, what do you want to pay?” To which you smugly reply “$1.”. Not only is that a bad way start a negotiation, its probably not going to leave the dealer open to and excited about compromise. The same holds true on Last Best Offer. $.01 tells the publisher you’re not serious, and their counter will reflect that.

If you want to get a fair deal, check the Last Best Offer Fair Price, and think about what you’re willing to pay. After all, only you know what a good deal is for you!

Have Fun!

We founded Last Best Offer because we were tired of having to wait for games we wanted today to go on sale. That led us to create this quirky little experiment where gamers and game creators can come together to find a fair price. So with that said, enjoy, have fun, make some deals!