The Hunt is Coming to an End

The Hunt is Coming to an End

Hi Everybody!

As people that have run a startup before know, startups are all about trying new things, seeing what works, what doesn’t, and adjusting to fit the needs and wants of your consumers.

When we launched The Hunt back in October, we thought would be a fun way to encourage users to keep checking back on the site, as well as invite their friends to play along. While we did get some positive feedback from users, it ultimately has not been the driver of users engagement we thought it would be.

So with a heavy heart, we will be ending The Hunt feature at the end of the month. Not to worry, a January winner will still be crowned and one lucky user will still win a free title! šŸ™‚

Our new focus is to show off how Last Best Offer really is a marketplaceĀ dominated by the actions of consumers. To do that we are going to be looking to show off new ways for users to keep track of the monthly, weekly, and even daily changes in game prices on Last Best Offer. With that in mind, we have a new feature that will be replacing The Hunt in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Onward and upward friends!