3 Ways to (Effectively) Haggle for Indie Games

3 Ways to (Effectively) Haggle for Indie Games

Hello LBO Folks!

We have seen a huge surge in traffic in the last few weeks, so thank you all so much! To our loyal users and new ones, I want to say that we can’t thank you enough for all your support. We have added a slew of new games and new features to the site, but we are so happy with the momentum we’re seeing.

With the new users we have had a lot of people ask us how they can more effectively haggle with indie game publishers on Last Best Offer, so we came up with the top 3 ways to do it.

How to haggle for indie games
You’re awesome, but you’re not Jack Donaghy…

1. Don’t Offer $.01

Last Best Offer is a system that allows users and indie game publishers to haggle for a fair price. Offering $.01 might make you feel like a badass, but its not the best way to get a good deal on Last Best Offer. As our name suggests, this is your Last Best Offer. You get one chance to make a deal, the publisher gets one chance to make a sale. When you offer $.01, you are essentially giving up your chance to make a deal.

Last Best Offer Fair Price Image
Want to know what to offer? Check the Fair Price!

2. Check the Last Best Offer Fair Price

The Last Best Offer fair price, listed below the game’s trailer is the price you can expect to pay for a given title on LBO. This amount is based on other offers the indie game’s publisher has accepted. Take a look at this amount and think carefully about your offer!

Last Best Offer Indie Game Price Trends

3. Check the Trends

The Fair Price Trendline listed below the offer amount and the trailer tells you how the price of a given game has changed in the last 30 days. If the Trendline shows an upward trend, that means this indie game is in high demand and users have pushed the price upward. With a Trendline like this, you can expect to pay more.

Conversely a downward trend suggests the indie publisher is more willing to accept lower offers. You can expect to pay less on a title like this.

Finally if the page shows no chart, that means there is not enough data to draw a Trendline. As this title has not seen a significant amount of movement in the last 30 days, you can expect the publisher to be willing to accept very low offer! Now is your chance to get a great deal!

Hope that helps everyone, and Happy Offering!