Welcome to LBO, a new kind of marketplace where you can pay what you want for the things you want. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What is LBO?

LBO stands for “Last Best Offer” and is a new way to buy digital goods. Rather than dictate a price to you, we allow users to pay what they want, for the goods they want.

How does it work?

It's simple: you find something on our site that you like, you make an offer, and you get a great deal!

Ok, but how does it really work?

Well, again, first you find something you like and make an offer. We then take that offer and run it through our custom algorithm, which makes sure your offer satisfies our partners’ minimum price requirements, and also compares your offer to those of other users. If it passes, the game is yours for the price you offered! If it doesn’t, fear not! We’ll give you a counter-offer based on the average price other LBO users have been paying for that title, so no matter what you’re always getting a great discount.

So should I just offer $1 for everything?

You can if you want, but you are almost guaranteed not to get the best deal if you do. If your offer is substantially lower than other users, you will receive a counter offer. While still a discount from the list price, the counter offer will always be higher than what the average user is paying.

My friend and I offered the same price for a game. Theirs was accepted, but I got a counter-offer. What gives?

Our algorithm takes into consideration the average price at which each title has recently been selling, and that average is constantly fluctuating with each sale. So, the acceptable range in which an offer will be accepted is always fluctuating as well. If you're unhappy with the counter-offer you've received, don't worry. You can always make another offer after 24 hours.

Are you guys doing creepy stuff like using my browsing or purchase history to determine if my offer is accepted?

No, not all. We at LBO do not believe in behavioral or demographic price discrimination. All users on LBO are treated equally and can get the same great deals on all of our products.

How do you process payments?

All transactions are processed via Stripe, a world leader in secure payment processing, meaning your sensitive data is safe and your payments are protected.

Where do you get your game codes?

We at LBO have always and will always get our goods directly from content creators. Unlike shady gray market sites that use so-called "Authorised Distributors" to fill their inventory, we at LBO only get our content directly from creators. Not only do we want you to get a good deal, but we want the artists you love to be supported as well.

My question isn't answered here...

Sorry about that! We'd love to be able to answer your question, so why don't you shoot us an email at We're always here and willing to help =D