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We are Our story starts with two guys frustrated they missed a recent flash sale on The Witcher 3, not willing to pay full price, not willing to buy from a gray market site, and not thrilled about waiting for the next sale.

This frustration led us to create, a site with a revolutionary pricing model that allows consumers and publishers to negotiate a fair price for games 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We know the site is a bit different than what you’re probably used to, so we have assembled some of our most frequently asked questions to help you on your journey to better deals!

How does LBO Work?

On LBO users can name their price on any title in the store, but remember “name your price” is not “pay what you want”. Our system works by aggregating user demand to come up with a fair price. When you make an offer on LBO, your offer gets compared to what other users have offered for the same title, and our algorithm either accepts your offer or presents you with a counter, more in line with what others on the site are paying.

If I want the cheapest price, should I just offer $.01?

No! Offering $.01 will almost certainly get you a counter offer. While still a great deal, the counter represents the price our system thinks is fair and is actually slightly higher than what other users have payed for the same title. The counter also makes games more expensive for other users on the site.

Our goal at LBO is for users to give us their honest opinion about what games are worth, that helps us find a fair price for all. When you offer $.01 and accept a counter of $5.00, we know that you would be willing to pay at least $5.00, but probably more. To compensate, our system pushes the counter offer upward, making games more expensive for everyone else. Lame. Offering lowball prices also gets you negative LBO Karma, reducing your chances of winning a free game for the month.

Finally, offering $.01 goes against the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish. At LBO our goal is to provide users with a great deal on the games they want today, while also making sure the creators we love are supported. By offering $.01 for someone’s vision they spent countless hours working on, well, that's just not very nice.

Why am I “locked in” at my offered price?

To prevent users from continually guessing until they reach the lowest possible price, we lock users in at their initially offered price for 24 hours. If the price you received is too high for you, please feel free to come back and try again tomorrow!

What is LBO Karma?

LBO Karma is our reward system on LBO. Users are awarded good Karma for doing things like logging in, making offers, buying games, and inviting their friends. Users get bad Karma by making lowball offers.

Each month the top 10 users that have accrued the most Karma that month will have a chance to win a game of their choice via The Hunt LBO’s leaderboard system.

The Karma system on LBO is still new and we’ll be adding new ways to spend Karma soon, so please stay tuned!

Where does LBO get their keys?

From the very beginning, our goal at LBO has been to do things the right way, not the easy way. In this case, that means getting keys exclusively from content creators, no 3rd party marketplaces, no gray markets. When you make a purchase on LBO, rest assured the vast majority of revenue is going to creators.

In the short term that may mean a smaller catalog of games than folks who employ questionable methods of acquiring keys, but in the long term we believe it means establishing a deeper trust with our partners and customers.

How does LBO process payments?

LBO processes payment via Stripe and Paypal. Rest assured that your sensitive information is protected and secure. No payment data ever touches our servers.

What is your refund policy?

When you make a purchase on LBO a key for the game you purchased is sent directly to your inbox. We have no way of knowing if that key has been used or if no way to prevent you from using that key in the future.

For that reason, all sales on LBO are final.

However, we’re reasonable dudes. Send us an email at explaining the situation and we’ll see what we can do.