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All bow to Staver, Lord of the December Hunt!




The Hunt!

1 markx2 526 18.54%
2 AudreyII 392 13.82%
3 SilverhandX 341 12.02%
4 mkcallahan 339 11.95%
5 Skippysonics 254 8.95%
6 k2kallday 231 8.14%
7 fractalyin 209 7.37%
8 foamposite 205 7.23%
9 Dommedag 172 6.06%
10 Simplygenius 168 5.92%

Welcome to The Hunt!

LBO shoppers are smart shoppers. They don't wait for good deals to come to them, they track down their own deals here at LBO. The names you see here are the the best and brightest deal hunters on LBO. Each one of them has a chance win a free game, just for shopping at LBO!

Think you got what it takes to rank among them? Sign up for an account today and start accruing points just by making offers, buying games, and telling your friends about LBO.

Best of luck in the hunt!

-LBO Team

The next hunt will be decided January 31st, 2019