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LBO is creating a revolutionary new way to buy games online.

Portland, Oregon – July, 21st 2017

LBO is proud to announce the launch of their revolutionary new digital storefront Rather than dictate a sale price to users, LBO allows users to name their price on some of today’s hottest indie games. Using crowdsourcing to help content creators and users find a fair price for digital games, LBO believes they will be able to empower consumers, and help content creators stave off piracy and code reselling.

Alex Childs, CEO of LBO explained the site this way, “We at LBO are striving to create a system that offers discounts on demand, a place where everything is always on sale. By taking offers from users around the globe, we believe we can pinpoint a game’s true market price and act as a fair mediator between consumers and content creators.”

Business Development Manager at Curve Digital, Charlotte Nangle, had this to say about her company’s work with LBO, "Curve are really excited to be working in partnership with LBO. Their offering is completely unique, and provides a no-brainer solution that the industry desperately needs! We endeavor to support the work LBO is doing as much as possible, and would recommend them with full confidence."

As a part of LBO’s commitment to being a positive force in the industry, LBO has made a firm promise to ensure all the titles sold on their site will come directly from content creators. Mr. Childs added, “We know there are a lot of sites out there that get their codes from so-called ‘authorized resellers’, but that is not who we are and not what we are about. We believe there is no better place to get your games than directly from the folks who created them.” is currently selling 15 titles from 5 internationally renowned publishers in the form of Steam download codes.

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