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What LBO Is

Priceline for Games LBO is the only games retailer that allows you to name your price on every single title in our library, 365 days a year.

Safe All of our transactions are conducted by Stripe and Paypal, none of your credit card information ever touches our servers.

An Economic Experiment Our concept is to let demand to dictate price, rather than letting price dictate demand. Our hope is this will lead to a better, more productive market for both consumers and creators.

What LBO Is Not We are here to get you a great deal on the game you want today. If you are willing to wait a few months for the next sale to save a buck or two, more power to you!

A Gray Market At LBO our goal is to take the principle of code sharing sites, buy games at the historic min and sell them for slightly more when the sale is over, and use it to support indie developers. All of our keys come directly from the creator and creators receive a vast majority of the revenue from each title.